The Internship Program allows students to learn about the Mexican work culture by doing practical training in a Mexican company, organization or institution. In most cases, internships are unpaid, due to legal restrictions and immigration status. Most students do part-time internships for credit at ITESM.

Querétaro offers different opportunities and environments for international students in diverse sectors, such as manufacture, industry, finance and education. Students at ITESM Querétaro have worked in places such as Kellogg, Gerber, Pilgrim's Pride, Coca-Cola, Tremec, Chamber of Comerce, Nestlé, COPARMEX, Teléfonos de México, Banca Serfin, and different civil and governmental organizations.

Possible Internships:

Sales representatives
International marketing
Electrical engineering
Industrial engineering
Electronic & telecommunications engineering
Animal Sciences

Food production consultant
Animal production consultant
Agro machinery supplier
Technical support in agroproduction
Computer Science
Computer sciences
Radio production
TV Production
Graphic & computer design
Bicultural & bilingual education (pre-first, elementary, high school)
Special education
Musical education
Adult education
Artworks restoration
Book restoration
Social Service
Community service
Tour guides
Tourism developmental planning
Non profit organizations & Human Rights organizations
Museums & Historical centers

How does the Internship Program work?

The internship must be previously registered and accepted by the Internship Coordinator. The course is graded on the student's performance for both the work in the organization and the academic requirements.

Three appointments with different companies or organizations will be arranged for each student, and if a match is made, the internship begins. If a match is not made after three appointments, either because the students does not fulfill the company's needs or vice versa, ITESM is not obliged to arrange any other interviews for the student.

The work schedule will be arranged with the company according to the student's class schedule, and vary depending on the credits requested by the student (140 hours in 16 weeks for 3 credits, and 280 hours for 6 credits).

For summer internships the student should work full time according to the needed hours for credit certification. However, students are able to request an extension for the credits and working hours to increase their knowledge and experience in the fields of interest.

What are the responsibilities of the interns?

  • Students must arrive on time at the interviews that the internship coordinator arranges for them.
  • Students must be formal, enthusiastic and show initiative in the company or organization they choose to work in.
  • Students have to be aware that they represent their universities, their countries, ITESM and the present and future international students, so they must respect authorities at their jobs and all people in general in the organization and ITESM.
  • Students must fulfill the academic requirements. Be aware that the internship is graded for both the academic work and the internship performance within the organization.

How to obtain an internship:

In order to be considered as an internship candidate, please send the following before April 1st or November 1st:

  • Curriculum Vitae or résumé in both English and Spanish (with a recent photograph).
  • A short essay that describes why it is important for the student to participate in the Internship
  • Program and in which areas and/or fields of an organization they would prefer to work.
  • The exact date that the student will be able to begin interviews.

Person to contact:

Sandra García Angeles
Teléfono: 2-38-32-33
e-mail: sgarciaa@itesm.mx
ITESM Campus Querétaro
Epigmenio González #500
Fracc. San Pablo
Querétaro, Qro. 76130